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How to efficiently use my Virtual Draft's site.

This programm is a relatively faithfull simulation of a draft. You are a player, any other player being impersonnated by the program.
This is the first page. The picture below describes the main informations of this page.

1- Link : Le Bestiaire = The game of Le Bestiaire, available on
2- News = Last updates, new features...
3- Mode = You may choose between two modes : 'Beginer' and 'Expert'
* In Beginner mode, yours drafts will not influence the rating of the cards
* In Expert mode, each pick will slightly influence the rating of the cards, and the progam will learn to play better and better
4- Preset drafts = Direct links to the standard drafts of last edition sets
5- Free draft = You may choose the editions of the boosters of your Draft
6- Options = Clic on > to display the options
7- Best cards = Top ten by edition (from the program's point of view !)
8- Evaluation of a card to learn its rating relative to the others cards of its edition
9- This tutorial
10- Graphs on the evolution of yours scores
11- Are- you playing TCG: World of Warcraft ? Try the Draft du Bestiaire
12- Choose your language by clicking on the appropriate flag

For more options, click on "More options":

- Check this box for the default options (the only ones allowing to take your draft into account), uncheck it to modify the settings bellow.
- Number of players : you may change the number of players (default=8 )
- Number of boosters : you may change the number of boosters (default=3)
- Numbre of rares par booster : have you ever dreamed of opening a 15 rares's booster ? You can do it ! (default=1)
- Numbre of uncos per booster : you may change the number of uncos per booster (default=3)
- Number of commons per booster : what about a draft of common ? ;) (default=11)
- Allowed time for the picks (sec): Number of seconds allowed between two picks. This time is shortened as the number of remaining cards drops.
- Type of scoring : choice of the algorythm of rating of the cards :
* 1 = 1st basic algorythm, the ratings are ajusted of a porcentage relative to their pick
* 2 = 2nd algorythme, associating a pick position to each card
* 3 = 3rd advanced algorythm. The ratings may grow or shrink according to their pick
(default=3): it is recommanded to only use the third algorythm, as the 1 and 2 are currently not very reliable
- No picture: check this box if you do not want to download all the pictures (only for slow connections or low bandwith)

Save the options after any change.

You may enter in Expert mode by typing in your DCI credentials:
- Name: your name as defined in your DCI credentials
- Firstname: your first name as defined in your DCI credentials
- DCI number: your DCI number

By clicking on "Check my DCI rating " the programm conects itself to the DCI site and display your actual DCI rating

If your DCI rating is above a defined level (30) you switch to 'Expert' mode. Your drafts will impact the rating of the cards according to your DCI rating.

You may select your draft among the preset drafts, but only the default options wil be enhanced.
You may also select the edition for each booster by using the comboboxes.

As information, the number of boosters of the edition already openned is displayed next to its name.
Beware: names of cycles as -------- Shadowmoor Block Magic -------- do not refer to any edition and should not be selected.

If you select yourself the edition of each booster, click on 'Draft' to launch the Draft.

On this picture you see the interface of the draft. By default, les pictures are dispayed. If there is a problem in displaying the pictures, hover the mouse on the picture (green circle) to get the name of the card.
In the blue circle is displayed the allowed time, as in a real draft. This time is here only informative.
If you are too slow while choosing your pick, the only warning is the display "Time over":

You see in the red circle some informations on the current booster. 'Booster' descrive if it is the first, the second ou the third booster...
The pick is only the serial number of the pick you are going to do on this booster. The pack is only the current booster (the boooster you have opened is always the 1)

If you have selected the option "No picture" the interface is rather this one:

You may then display the picture of a card by clicking on its name. The following windows appears:

The cards already picked by you or another played are displayed face down:

When all cards of a booster have been picked, a summary of the drafted cards is displayed:

The icons of the columns are the colors of Magic:
: Black
: Red
: White
: Blue
: Green
: Artifact
: Land
: Gold

Click on "Next Booster " to continue and open the next booster.

At the end of the Draft, the results of all players are displayed:

As Player 1, your score is in the Green circle. This score is calculated by dividing the sum of the ratings of your cards by the average of the cards of the others players. This does not presume of the strenght of your pool of cards, but of the individual strenght of the selected cards.

You may save your draft in the formats 'Apprentice' or 'Magic WorkStation' (MWS) by clicking on one of the link in the yellow circle.

Back to main page by cliquing on 'Home', your score is again displayed. In 'Novice' mode, if your score exceed 100% you reach the 'Expert' mode

If you are already in Expert mode, you stay in this mode whatever is your score.

You can see the best cards (from the program's point of view) of each edition by clicking on "Top 10 of the cards"

If and only if you have entered valid DCI credentials, you may see the historic of your results;

Click on "Graph of my results " tio see a graph of the historic of your results:

You may choose selction criteria for this graph:
- Editions (Boosters 1/2/3): the editions of the boosters (beware, order matters)
- Starting date (YYYY/MM/DD): starting date of the graph (ex: 2005/02/28 = 2005, february 28)
- Ending date (YYYY/MM/DD): ending date of the graph
The dates above are optionnal.

Click on "Draw graph " to display the graph of your past results and of your criteria:

After a few seconds, you may access to the information of any point of the graph by hovering the mouse over the red cross.
The green line is a average score of 0% (the rating of a card may be negative).
The red line is a average score of 100%.
The blue line is the average of your scores (the value is displayed on the right)

You now know as much as I do (nearly! ;)).

Have fun!


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